Threaded lifting loops

For lifting and transport concrete elements fitted with threaded lifting anchors

Threaded wire lifting loops and the LD lifting eye are lifting devices, which can be used with internally threaded anchors that have an Rd or M thread for lifting concrete elements.

By using our internally threaded anchors and threaded lifting loops, the time consuming task of patching and cutting through threaded metal lifting loops attached to concrete elements is avoided on construction sites. Instead, the wire lifting loop is simply detached and the hole can be capped if necessary. This makes the assembly of elements faster and easier.

Wire lifting loops are tagged with a plastic tag that specifies the thread type and maximum load. Thread size is indicated by the color of the tag and each size has its own particular color.

Our range of products
Threaded lifting loop LL
  • Rd and M-threaded
  • max. 45° lifting angle
    Threaded lifting loop PL
  • Rd-thread
  • max. 90° lifting angle
    Threaded lifting loop LL-G
  • Rd and M-threaded
  • max. 90° lifting angle
    Lifting eye LD
  • Rd and M-threaded
  • Lifting device with ball bearings and pressure plate
  • max. 90° lifting angle
    Wire lifting loop BA
  • hole for hex bolt
  • loads 2,0t, 4,0t and 5,2t

    Recommended accessories

    Suitable corresponding anchor.
  • Wave anchors DWL and DWK
  • Lifting anchor SNA
  • Socket anchor
  • Threaded anchor
  • All internally threaded anchors PDF Brochure 1