Lifting anchor system TPA

Nail plate anchors and lifting locks

For lifting all types of concrete elements
The TPA-lifting anchor system is comprised of steel plate lifting anchors (spread anchors) and ring clutchs, as well as pocket formers for securing to the formwork. There are various types of TPA anchors available and the system is suitable for transporting all types of concrete elements.

Benefits and specifications of nail plate anchors

  • quick to use as the lifting system can be attached in one motion
  • versatile uses
  • load capacity 0,7t – 26t per anchor

    Our product range

    Lifting anchor TPA-S
  • spread anchor

    Lifting anchor TPA-Z
  • eye for reinforcement

    Lifting anchor TPA-U
  • spread anchor
  • load 1,25t
  • types of steel: plain steel, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel

    Lifting anchor TPA-P
  • steel plate anchor for lifting thinner elements

    Lifting anchor TPA-F
  • spread anchor

    Lifting anchor TPA-ST (F)
  • cross hole for reinforcement
  • also available as hot zinc galvanized (F)
  • Lifting anchor for sandwich element

    Recommended accessories

    Suitable formwork fixing and lifting accessories for TPA-lifting anchors
  • Lifting lock TPA-R
  • Lifting lock TPA-R1S (with wire)
  • Pocket former TPA-A
  • Magnetic holder HM9

    Download a PDF brochure and using instructions for TPA-system

    Lifting Anchor System TPA

    Instructions Transport Anchor System TPA